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Texas A&M University 12th Man Foundation Joint Statement Of The Board Of Trustees And Irven E. (Skip) Wagner

Irven E. (Skip) Wagner has announced his resignation as President and CEO of the Texas A&M University 12th Man Foundation to pursue other employment opportunities.

On behalf of the entire 12th Man Foundation, the Board of Trustees expresses its sincere appreciation to Mr. Wagner for his efforts while serving as President and CEO of this Foundation, and for the many achievements and accomplishments of the Foundation team during Mr. Wagner's tenure as President and CEO.

Mr. Wagner thanks the present and past members of the Board of Trustees for providing him with the opportunity to serve the 12th Man Foundation and Texas A&M University. Mr. Wagner would like to express his appreciation to the staff and Board of Trustees and Officers of the Foundation for their support of the Foundation's programs and services during his term as President and CEO.

The Board and Mr. Wagner wish to acknowledge and recognize the staff of the 12th Man Foundation who have contributed to its success.

The Board extends its best wishes to Mr. Wagner and his family in his future endeavors. On its part, the Board will soon begin its search for a new President and CEO as to not disrupt the Foundation's operations.

"The more we (Aggies) get involved, the more successful Texas A&M is going to be.

It's extremely rewarding to be able to give back to something about which you are passionate. We love coming back over here and love being involved. For as long as I can, I want to try and do more."

Jim and Carmen Sheffield
Diamond Champions Council Members