Funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

Champions Council

Since the inception of Champions Council in 2004, the generosity of our members has dramatically improved the landscape of Texas A&M athletics. Invitations for membership in this prestigious group are reserved for Texas A&M athletics' most financially committed former students and friends. Champions Council members enjoy access to various behind-the-scenes events in an effort to form an intimate connection with Texas A&M athletics.


  • Each regional Champions Council hosts exclusive events annually, featuring athletics administrators, coaches and student-athletes.
  • Members will return to campus annually for the Champions Council Weekend to share the success of the program with friends throughout the state and nation.
  • Members will have exclusive access to Kyle Field pre-game field passes on a limited basis (Sideline Saturdays).
  • Champions Council members will receive invitations to Highballs and Hoops throughout basketball season with the opportunity to mingle with fellow council members and basketball coaches.

Qualifications for Membership

To be an Ambassador sharing factual information with peers in regards to issues, programs, and athletic department initiatives; to be an Advocate to nominate and invite new members with interest and financial capability to support efforts to build championship athletic programs; and to be an Investor in a capital improvement project at a significant level

A minimum gift of $50,000 is required for Champions Council membership. Gifts can be paid over a five-year pledge period.

"Coming to Texas A&M definitely changed my life.

To those who support student-athletes by giving, I want to say thanks and gig 'em.

Without them, many young people who aren't financially stable or can't provide an education for themselves have a great opportunity. It makes A&M a better place."

Damontre Moore
Texas A&M Football Letterman, Miami Dolphins Defensive End