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Texas A&M University’s commitment to championship athletics includes adhering to all NCAA, SEC, and institutional rules governing intercollegiate athletics. The 12th Man Foundation is responsible for providing its membership with information about the rules and regulations applicable to supporters of Texas A&M Athletics.

The NCAA considers you an Athletics Representative if you:

  • are a member of a group that supports or promotes Texas A&M Athletics;
  • you have given money or gifts to Texas A&M Athletics (including gifts of cash, goods or services).

As a member of the 12th Man Foundation, you meet this definition and are considered an Athletics Representative by the NCAA. You are required to comply with the NCAA’s rules and regulations governing relationships with Aggie prospective and current student-athletes. Please click here and review the Fan section to learn more about these regulations and your responsibilities as an Aggie fan.

If you have any questions about this information or any NCAA regulation, please contact the Athletic Department's Compliance Office.

"It's an honor for me to give back because A&M has always been so good to me.

This is my way of telling Texas A&M 'Thank you.'"

Red Bryant
Former Texas A&M defensive lineman and Super Bowl Champion