Funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

The Athletic Ambassadors program exists to raise awareness and support for the 12th Man Foundation and its mission of supporting championship athletics through annual and capital fundraising campaigns.

Ambassadors assist, advise, and support the Foundation by:

  • Recruiting new Foundation members
  • Making referrals to the Foundation's Major Gifts group
  • Attending road games and events
  • Attending athletic and special events in their area, including Coach's Night
  • Attending at least one council meeting each year
  • Staying informed on current Foundation activities, so as to act as a spokesperson for and educate others about the Foundation
  • Providing professional experience for and serving on projects that support the Foundation

Getting Involved

Applications for Athletic Ambassadors are accepted throughout the year. To submit an application, please visit our application page. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees; applicants will be notified of their decision.

Athletic Ambassadors are expected to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Ambassadors must be an active member of the 12th Man Foundation.
  2. Ambassadors must be priority season ticket (football, basketball or baseball) holders.
  3. Ambassadors have donated at least $1,000 to the Foundation's annual fund over the life of their membership.
  4. Ambassadors have donated a minimum of $1,000 to a Foundation capital campaign.
  5. Ambassadors pay annual dues as determined by the Foundation's Board of Trustees; currently, dues are $800.

For additional information about the Athletic Ambassador program, please contact:

Samantha Milroy
Director of Annual Programs

(979) 260-2397

"We want Texas A&M to have the best programs across the board and have programs we can all be proud of.

It's a real pleasure for us to do this, because I think back about all the support Aggies have given me. No one accomplishes everything in life by themselves, and A&M and the Aggie network have definitely been there for me throughout my life."

Jack and Michele Lafield