Student-Athlete Center

In an effort to stay at the forefront of collegiate women's basketball, we invite you to invest in the redevelopment of the women's basketball student-athlete center.


This space within the Cox-McFerrin Center is one of the key highlights of a student-athlete's tenure at Texas A&M and is one of many important aspects of a recruit's decision to choose our University.

This project will include an improved nutrition area, updated graphics, enhanced technology, Team Meeting Room upgrades and a Players' Lounge.

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This Project Will Include


An integral component of every athlete's regimen, an improved nutrition area will allow our student-athletes to refuel with cutting-edge nutritional science.


Updating the look and feel of the student-athlete center will connect with the current generation of players and continue to attract top talent from around the country.


Enhanced software and hardware throughout the facility.

Team Meeting Room

Upgrading the team meeting space with new chairs, graphics and technology.

Players' Lounge

Giving the student-athletes a place to prepare, rest and study during their busy training and academic schedules.

"The facilities at Texas A&M have always been some of the best in the NCAA, and they attract some of the best players and coaches from around the world.

The changes we will make to our locker room, film room and players' lounge will help to keep us as one of the best programs in the SEC and the country.

Texas A&M is a special place. The 12th Man is always standing, ready to help our teams when called upon, and I know they will step up now."

Coach Gary Blair


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